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We only offer Living Trust and Estate Planning services at our Rocklin location

By only offering living trust and estate planning services at our Rocklin office, we are able to provide our competitive prices to the Rocklin area. If you find our Auburn office more convenient, we prepare living trusts and other estate planning services there as well. We are conveniently located on Lonetree Boulevard, in Rocklin. 

What is a Living Trust?

A living trust is, simply put, an estate planning device. You can control the distribution of your property when you pass away. Additionally, and often most importantly, a living trust avoids probate. Thus, a living trust is a cost-effective and efficient method of distributing your property when you pass away. For more information about what a living trust is, click here. 

How much does a Living Trust cost?

Have you asked a law office how much a living trust would cost to make, only to be told that you would receive an estimate after you meet? Our prices for an estate plan are clear, and we make them affordable. If a law office quotes you a number over $3,000, ask why it costs so much, and before you commit to them, give us a call. We will assure you that your estate planning needs will be taken care of for a fraction of the cost. Our prices are as follows: 

                    $1250 for a single person complete estate plan 


                    $1750 for a married couple complete estate plan

If you have more than 1 piece of real estate, we charge $75 for each extra deed, and the recording fees for each extra deed. 

If you are wondering why we price our estate plans at such competitive prices, click here.

What is a complete estate plan?

Our complete estate plan includes the following:

     - A living trust 

     - Pour over will

     - A complimentary deed for your real estate

     - A financial power of attorney

     - An advance health care directive (also called a health care power of attorney)

     - The accompanying documents to effectuate your living trust

If you don't need a complete estate plan, but only want or need a living trust, or other individual estate planning device such as a financial power of attorney or simple will, contact us and we will help you out.

Why should you create a living trust now?

Creating a living trust is a task that people often put off for as long as possible. It makes sense, since not many people look forward to thinking about death. So why create a living trust now and go through the inconvenience of thinking about the end? Estate planning is all about ensuring things are taken care of, so that you can rest easy. We have heard time and time again from clients that they are just glad that they did it, so that they can move on. Especially during these uncertain times, it is important to do what you can to have peace of mind. Creating a living trust now can give you a sense of peace of mind. Of course, creating a living trust now does not mean that you cannot change it. Life changes, and living trusts can change too. Contact us if you want peace of mind.

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